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2024 GMC Sierra EV not available in Canada

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I gotta say after waiting with baited breath for the Sierra EV reveal, literally with my credit card in had to be one of the first reservations, I was devastated that the GMC Canada website just said
“ All specifications shown are for 2024 Sierra EV which will not be sold in Canada. 2025 Sierra EV is anticipated to be available in Canada with limited supply starting Spring 2024, with performance specs announced at a later date. Specs and features shown for 2024 Sierra EV may not apply to the 2025 model.”

I reached out to the online support, the chat bot was useless and just said contact my local dealer. I contacted my local dealer and they had not further reason or explanation why it isn't available in Canada, but I could make a $2000 deposit if wanted to be on there waitlist for the anticipated 2025.

just curious about how other Canadians feel about GMC’s slight to Canadians? I sure makes the Ford F150 lightning look better with lower specs as at least it can be had by a Canadian!
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I have a Silverado EV reservation (late on June 6th 2022) but I hate the avalanche look.
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