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'Vegas and Back from Los Angeles.

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EV6 owners manual suggests only charging to 100% when needed for a long trip (or at least once a month), so to 100% charge we went.

We have solar on the house and along with 2000 free hours with Electrify America have yet to pay for a charge.

They're not really chargers, they supply AC power to the vehicles charger except the 350 KW DC that supplies DC power direct to the batteries. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

So many people are mistaken that the Solar Powerwall only works in outages. They work when the solar output is inadequate to supply the home. Either partial or fully.

We haven't had an electric bill in over a year and run a monthly credit of around $80 as well.

301 miles indicated so we headed out.
I don't have range anxiety but I have broken charger at the next planned stop anxiety.

Plugshare app or not, still not enough charger stations to go around for non-Tesla vehicles. So, I'll check charger availability in person and "top off" the charge along the way.

I keep enough charge at the stops in case chargers puke and I have to head to the next station. Yeah, it happens.

First "top off charge" stop was Walmart in Barstow Ca. About half the chargers working.
4 located just steps from the stores entrance and a mob of people entering and exiting made it a hassle backing in.

Three of the four chargers broken so I got on the phone with the EA customer service and after several resets on the charger that was supposed to be working we got it to start.

Across the parking lot were 8 more chargers and 4 of those were broken.

Got a full charge back to 100% in about 20 minutes and headed out once again.

I stopped off at the Cal Trans free chargers at the roadside rests. They never work. I'd never rely on them. The service phone number is bogus too.

Word in the EV forums is the online successful charging reports are fake from the concessionaire that runs the chargers on a state contract. I buy into that.

Made it to Vegas and took Grandma on her errands but I stayed Downtown. I can only take so much of the Mother In Law. A few casino resorts offer free charging. Usually 2KW.

Time to head home. I charged at the WalMart near Silverton and of course, half the chargers broken. 36% to 100% in about 22 minutes. Depends on the outside temp and if anyone is sharing the power feed on an adjacent charger.

Heading home stopped off to top off the charge at the Comfort Inn in Mojave Ca.
Ford Lightening next to me experienced the 350 KW charger puke-ing:

Made it home OK.
USA isn't ready for non Tesla EV travel.

Just in case I wasn't able to find a working charger I had the generator in the back of the truck and one of the kids would have come to our aid:

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We took the Kia to Disneyland yesterday.
Round trip about 140 miles.
Decide to recharge and shop at the WalMart Supercenter in route home.

It was a mess. Electrify America.
Several chargers not working yet the app indicated them working, chargers that were working the app indicated not working.

People backed up waiting to use them just seconds after I rolled up and plugged in.

I plugged in and after several attempts got the charger to start.
Then, just as I entered Walmart in about 2 to 3 minutes,, text dinged in charging complete.
It was only 74%. DC charge at 150KW.

No reason that I know of that it kicked off line.

So I headed back to the chargers and used same charger, but the right hand cable/plug.
Started working normally, but the app indicated it was broken,, people rolling by windows rolled down yelling it's broken after reading their app message,,,, oh brother.

Took it from 74% to 100% in 8 minutes.

Others waiting may ask to "help them out" by blocking people waiting when I pull out to allow them to roll into the charging spot. You are setting yourself up for drama if you do.

In 3 round trips to Las Vegas, twice we witnessed fights at the Tesla chargers in Baker between Tesla owners trying out-fox each other for chargers. Must be at the least 50 Tesla Chargers.
YouTube channel Out of Spec Motoring witness the same on other days as well. It's common. Just recently at a different Tesla location one Tesla Owner shot and killed another.

Electrify America EV chargers on the left, Tesla chargers in the distant right:

So much drama at those Baker Ca chargers Tesla owners use the adjacent Electrify America chargers instead. That sux because because if lucky, only half are the EA working. It's either 20F or 120F weather there and tempers flare.

It's an episode of the Twilight Zone to visit Baker Calif EV chargers.

Restrooms and a convivence store on the premises manned by someone outta a John Waters movie. Baker Ca clearly lives up to its reputation as the graveyard of ambition.

If you've spent any time in the Tesla Owners forums you soon realize those people are Orwellian. Strange, bizarre folk. Even though they 100% agree with you, they disagree.
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That's an incredible charging setup you have at home @Dive Bar Casanova! Thanks a lot for sharing this Overall how do you like your EV6 on those long road trips?

That's insane that people act like that at Tesla charging stations. I can't say I've seen that kind of behaviour before but I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that going forward. That's some scary stuff.
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